[eBook 09] Digital Transformation Series for
Wholesale Trade Sector:
Case Study

HS_LPwithChapter_eBook_09_Digital Transformation_CaseStudy_Wholesale_Trade

B2B DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in the wholesale trade sector streamlines and automates operations, reduces manual entry and errors, and lowers business operations costs.

This Case Study involves the setting up of a digital platform for the research ecosystem in Singapore where buyers can access the suppliers of products and services.

The digital platform is managed by A*Star’s Research Support Centre. The digital platform is able to extend the reach of the research community to include the assets of other research centres and laboratories, something which could not be done without this digital platform.

Zooloo has the whole set of digital solutions that matches Stage 01 of the Industry Digital Plan for the Wholesale Sector prepared by IMDA. We would be pleased to apply for the Enterprise Development Grant to help defray up to 80% of the costs of deployment.

Advantages of working with Zooloo:
  • Access to best practices for the wholesale trade sector based on numerous deployments.
  • Leveraging world-class solutions from Microsoft which are cloud-based and kept updated with the latest enhancements.
  • Fast and cost effective deployments to get you and your staff up and running in no time.