[eBook 08] Digital Transformation Series for
Wholesale Trade Sector: Working with
e-Commerce Platforms

HS_LPwithChapter_eBook_08_Digital Transformation_B2B_eMarketplace_Wholesale_Trade

This eBook has been prepared for the SME Business Owner in the Wholesale Trade Sector as a primer on how the current business, after completing Stage 1 (six internal functions), can expand by plugging into B2B e-Marketplaces.

We begin with an idea of e-Marketplaces, followed by their advantages over traditional trade fairs. Then, details of how an SME Business can be integrated with available e-Marketplaces are presented.

The benefits to the SME Business Owner would be the opportunity to sell more, with less resources and grow faster when the following are achieved:

  • Access to global markets for sellers resulting in higher sales opportunities
  • Reduce cost for buyers from the availability of more supply options
  • Eliminate geographic barriers in traditional brick and mortar selling and buying models