[eBook 06] Digital Transformation Series for
Wholesale Trade Sector: Managing Your Customers

HS_LPwithChapter_eBook _06_Digital Transformation_CRM_Wholesale_Trade

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT in the Wholesale Trade Sector revolves around managing customers and analysing their profile, needs and preferences.

It is not only about “How do we acquire more customers?” but also “How do we retain the ones we already have?”

Retention is the foundation of growth in the B2B sector as the bulk of the sales comes from replenishment orders. Without keeping your existing customers, you’re always filling a leaky bucket.

In this eBook will share how processes can be automated to help you deepen your understanding of customers’ demographics and preferences to improve relationships with them. By performing data analysis on your customers and their transactions, you are able to develop better customer retention strategies and improve the interactions with them to drive sales growth.