[eBook 05] Digital Transformation Series for
Wholesale Trade Sector: Fulfilling your Orders

HS_LPwithChapter_eBook _05_Digital Transformation_Distribution_Mgmt_Wholesale_Trade

DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT in the Wholesale Trade Sector revolves around order management and fulfilment – picking, packing, and delivery of products to end customers or channel partners.

It is about organizing everything involved in getting goods to the buyer in a timely fashion and with the least amount of waste. Therefore, it has a direct impact on profits.

Digital solutions to support Order Management and Fulfilment is available today. In this eBook will share how each of the processes can be automated:

  • Tracking multiple sales orders accurately to maximise customer satisfaction. Easily you can track:    
    • which orders are partially filled 
    • which orders have been invoiced
    • which orders are packed
    • which orders are fulfilled
    • which orders are paid

  • Eliminating waste through efficient handling of goods and reducing spoilage and warehouse costs.

  • Monitoring and eliminating human errors in paper-based and standalone processes.