[eBook 02] Digital Transformation Series for
Wholesale Trade Sector: Managing your Sales Orders


As a business owner of a Wholesale Trade, wouldn’t you like to have a model where your customers can place orders to you by themselves through an online portal which is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world as long as there is mobile service?

Well, the good news is, such a digital solution is available today. With rising costs and the difficulty in hiring and keeping staff, the Government is giving grants to defray the costs of such implementations in order to encourage more business owners to “Go-Digital”.  In the Digital Roadmap for the Wholesale Sector published by IMDA, the first operation to be digitised is Sales Management. 

This eBook will share the details of how sales management processes can be automated and achieved the following:

  • Track and manage sales effectively to capture business opportunities and minimise losses.

  • Convert seamlessly from customers' purchase orders to sales orders to reduce human interventions and improve productivity. 

  • Eliminate human errors in paper-based or standalone processes.